A Company of Dedicated
Image-Makers and
Story Tellers.

We go where YOUR story takes us.


Yes, we will travel all over the USA and the world to help you tell your story.
It’s what we do!

But MG Pictures is more than that, more than a crew of traveling story tellers and image makers…

We are also your audience.

And we will help you reach your audience by asking the following questions:

Who are you trying to reach?

What message are you trying to deliver?

What feelings, emotions, and reactions are you trying to draw out from your audience?

Where do you want to take your audience and how are you going to get them there?

This is what sets us apart from other production companies.
We are your audience.
It’s how we view your story and project every time you call on us.

So together in partnership, MG Pictures will help you find the answers to these questions
and figure out the best way to tell your story.

MG Pictures has you and your story covered near and far with all sizes of crew. We’ve worked on thousands of productions over the years covering broadcast television, cable and reality TV. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, healthcare organizations, non-profits, universities and colleges; news and entertainment outlets, and the arts and cultural community.

We have the depth, breadth, knowledge and experience your story needs today.