The Right Tool For The Right Job.

Camera and equipment choices are as varied as our clients. We have a diverse assortment of gear in-house that will cover 90% of all our shoots. However, due to increasing changes in cameras, recording codecs and delivery formats, we will rent the appropriate camera and support equipment when needed.
Some of the cameras that we are using on a regular basis are: SONY F5/55, Nikon D4 and D800 DSLR’s;
Panasonic PX270’s; Canon C300’s, 5D and 7D DSLR’s; ARRI Amira.

Canon MK II and Canon 17-120 ENG Cine servo lens complete package
Includes the following:

C300 MK II EF mount
Canon 17-120 lens
4 128GB CFast cards
Card reader
Zacuto HD gratical viewfinder with battery or DC cable
Canon LCD on board monitor
4 BP 60 batteries with two position charger
AC supply
Zacuto recoil shoulder mount
Zacuto top handle
Zacuto counter weight with Anton Bauer Gold Mount or V-mount adapter
(this adapter can be used even if you are using the internal Canon batteries. It provides a great counter weight to the large 17-120 lens)
(This unit is needed to power the servo unit on the Canon 17-120 lens at the moment)

Chroma Du Monde ONE SHOT chip chart
Star chart for back focus assist

This camera can configured multiple ways:

1) Full shoulder mount, betacam style with servo lens
2) Full shoulder mount with rails and SHAPE hand grips, servo still available
3) camera body and Canon lenses, small footprint, great on monopod/handheld

Other lenses available for camera package:
Canon 11-24 L f4 USM zoom lens
Canon 24-70 II L f2.8 USM zoom lens
Canon 50mm f1.4 L prime USM lens

BBS Lighting Area 48 LED lights with remote phosphor panels

Two lights in stock with 3200K, 4300K, 5600K panel
(These light are incredibly powerful and extremely soft)

Fiilex K412 Light Kit
Includes the following:

Two P360EX lights (400 watts of power) 90w draw
Two P180E lights (200 watts of power) 40w draw
Four barn doors
Four AC/DC power adapters
One soft box
One speed ring for soft box
Three stands
One cold shoe mount
Rolling travel case, 41 lbs when loaded, 24”x16”x10”

Convergent Designs Odyssey 7Q
Includes the following:

Two, 256GB SSD’s
Anton Bauer gold mount
Hand grips for producer mode
Card readers
Coming soon: Dual 4K/Raw recording

O’Connor 1030D Tripod

Dana Dolly Universal Kit

6 foot and 4 foot rails available

(2) Panasonic PX 270 MicroP2 cameras
(6) 64GB micro P2 cards
(2) 64GB F Series P2 cards (Full Size Format)
(7) 32GB E series P2 cards (Full Size Format)
(1)64GB E Series P2 card
(2) P2 card readers, USB2.0 connection
(2) Micro P2 card readers, USB3.0 connection
(12)LI-Ion batteries
IDX 4 position quick charger
Dolgin 4 position quick charger
Dolgin 4 position charger

(4) GoPro Hero mini HD cameras with various mounting solutions
* Two GoPro HERO 3 and Two GoPro 4 Black editions

Nikon D4 DSLR camera – still and video
Nikon D800 DSLR camera – still and video

(1) Odyssey 7Q Digital recorder with two 256GB SSD’s
(1) Atomos Ninja 2 Digital recorder with two 256GB SSD’s
all cables and readers necessary for DSLR shooting

Letus 35mm Depth of Field Lens Adapter for HPX250/HPX170/EX1 and EX3
Letus ultimate 35 mm adapter and lenses
14mm F2.8
35mm F2
50mm F1.4
85mm F1.8
105mm F2.8
80mm to 200 F2.8 Nikon zoom
70 to 200 F2.8 Nikon VRI zoom lens

All lenses are manual focus NIKKOR lenses with aperture rings.

Adapter comes with NIKON Mount and PL mount receiving adapters for

(2) Kino Flo Diva 400 lights with egg crate scrims and full diffusion cloth
(2) Kino Flo Diva 200 lights with egg crate scrims and full diffusion cloth
(2) ARRI 1000w fresnels
(4) ARRI 650w fresnels
(4) ARRI 300w fresnels
(5) ARRI 150w fresnel’s
(3) ARRI LITE 1K open faces
(2) LOWEL TOTA lights

All ARRI lights have barn doors and full set of scrims
All lights have spare bulbs

(1) Lite Panel on camera light with DC battery and misc. cables, charger,
CC filters
(1) Anton Bauer Ultralight 2 with soft box
(2) 650w chimera rings
(2) 300w chimera rings
(2) Tota chimera rings
(3) Arri lite 1k chimera rings

(5) Small Chimeras
(2) Extra small Chimeras
(3) Small soft grids – 40
(1) Extra small soft grids – 40

(1) Chimera 30” Lantern with 1K and 500w lamps
(1) Chimera Pancake Lantern

Color Correction / Diffusion gel kit – CTO. CTB, Opal, Frost, Grid Cloth,
Theatrical Gel kit – various colors for effect

Shade FX 2 stage matte box system with eyebrow and side brows
85mm, 95mm, 100mm adapter rings
Tiffen 4×4 glass filters:
ND .3, .6, .9
ND Grads .3, .6, .9
Black Diffusion 1/2, 1
Black Promist 1/4, 1/2
Promist 1/4, 1/2, 1
Soft FX 1/2, 1
Gold Diffusion 1/2, 1, 2, 4
Low Con 3, 5
Ultra Con 3, 5
812 warming
UV/Haze 1
Sunset 2-color grad
Blue 2-color grad

(1) Full set of apple boxes; 2 each of quarter, half and full
(1) 18”x24” flag and net kit
Multiple clamps including: spring clamps, mafers, gators, cartellini’s,
matthelini’s, (2) pigeon stands
Black Wrap
Gaff Tape
Small tool kit – screwdrivers, allen wrenches, pliers, adjustable wrenches,
outlet tester
Multi meter
(13) Sand Bags, 15lb
(2) 10’ Manfrotto auto poles
(5) 300 watt dimmers
AC cables – 25’ and 50’ lengths
Multiple grounds lifts, multi taps and power strips


(15) Standard Bogen/ARRI style stands
(4) Matthews Beefy Baby stands
(6) C+ Stands – Black and chrome with arms

(3) 39”x39” Photoflex collapsible frames
(2) 39”x77” Photoflex collapsible frames
(2) 77”x77” Photoflex collapsible frames
Multiple silks, blacks, whites, silver/gold covers for frames.

(3) Flex fills

(2) Rock and Roller Super Carts
(1) Magliner production cart with shelf


Lectrosonics Dual receiver, Block 20

Includes the following:
Lectrosonics WM transmitter, Block 20
Lectrosonics WM transmitter, Block 20
(Wm transmitters are waterproof to about 10 feet)
(2) Countryman B3 lavaliere mics, Water proof to 6 feet $30.00 each
(3) Countryman B6 lavaliere mics, Water resistant to standard weather $30.00 each
Sony 7506 headphones
Misc mic cables and adapters
Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic and boom pole
Shure RE-50 Stick Mic

(1) Flanders Scientific 17” CM LCD HD-SDI Monitor with dual screen capability
(1) Flanders Scientific 17” LM LCD HD-SDI monitor
(1) TV Logic 5.6″ HD monitor w/ BNC and HDMI inputs

Anton Bauer 2722 Dual Simultaneous Charger
Anton Bauer LP4 four position charger
(2) AB Dionic 90 batteries
(2) AB Digital HYTRON Batteries
(2) AB Digital 190 Lithium Batteries

(2) Manfrotto 509 HD head with 526 Legs, carbon fiber, supports full size and small format cameras
(1) Cartoni C 20 S Heavy Duty Head with dual stage Sachtler aluminum tripod legs
(1) Sacthler single stage aluminum tripod for small cameras only
(1) Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripod with 100mm bowl. Uses Miller or Sachtler head.

(1) Edelkrone medium slider
(1) Induro High Hat with 100mm bowl and flat top mount

(1) 20×20 green/blue screen combination background (cloth)
(1) 12’x12’ Green Screen (cloth)
(1) 10’x24’ Grey Muslin background
(1) 10’x24’ Black cloth background
(1) 10’x24′ Bracken Brown Muslin background
(1) 10’x12′ Canberra Muslin background
(1) 10’x12′ Autumn red Muslin background
(1) 10’x12′ Smokey Gray Muslin background
(1) 10’x12′ Black cloth background
(1) 10’x12′ White cloth background
(5) Seamless BG’s (roll paper) – Scarlet, Gray, Nutmeg, Jet Black, Arctic White

24′ of background support in 6′ sections with collars for hanging
16′ of background support in 8′ sections