All productions share the same basic foundations: Timeline, Cost, Scope of production, and Budget.  You may be going through this website first without contacting MG Pictures directly. That is great! These FAQ’s are here to give you a basic understanding of some of those parts.

MGP will always work within a clients budget and scope to provide the best possible service at that projects defined parameters. However, we still need to have a basic structure in place for all productions. This FAQ is the starting point for any production. It gives you a foundation for what your production’s baseline considerations should be.

Crewing Options
MG Pictures can crew just about any size production. Our basic line-ups are:

One man crew: DP only
(Camera, basic lighting and grip package, Wireless mics)

Two man crew: DP, Sound
(Larger lighting package, sound package with wireless lav’s and boom, small grip package)

Three man crew: DP, Sound, Grip/Media Manager/PA
(Lighting package, sound package, grip and AC package, additional lights if necessary)

These gear packages are usually built specifically to each production and are listed this way to give you idea of the basic gear that could be included in the production.

Larger crews and gear packages are always discussed prior to the start of the production. At that time we will decide on what crew members should be hired, what type of gear will be needed for a successful shoot, etc.

Typically Overtime charges are based on a 10 hour day for all days of the week. The clock starts when we leave the production office and ends when we return to the office. A typical production day could be from 8am to 6pm. After the 6pm the overtime charges start at time and a half for the first two hours.

10 hour day is charged a the agreed upon rate.

Hours 11 and 12 – The overtime rate is based on the crew members straight time rate for a 10 hour day and multiplied by 1.5.
(Example: DP is $800. Sound is $700. Overtime rate would be $120 + $105 = $225 per hour for crew.)

Double time is charged for hours 13 and 14: $160 + $140 = $300 per hour

Triple time is charged for anything over 15 hours: $240 + $210 = $450 per hour

There is no charge for gear in the Overtime rates.

Travel Time
Travel time can be used in some circumstances when the time to location could add significantly to the day’s production schedule. An example of this would be shooting in NYC. It is usually a 2 hour ride from the Phialdelphia area. That could add 4 hours of overtime to your day before production even begins. MG Pictures know that budgets are tight. Sometimes we will build in a flat rate for the drive up and for the drive back for each crew member. This is usually around $50 each way for each crew member. So the DP and Sound person would each get $100 additional for the day and avoid cutting in to the 10 hours on location that your production needs.

We always discuss this when building our budget sand we always let our crew know that this is agreed upon before production begins.

Cancellation Polices
Charges are based on time of cancellation, outside equipment rentals, and freelance personnel fees, all of which have been set in the estimate/budget provided to the client by MG Pictures, Ltd.

MG Pictures, Ltd will always try to accommodate any change in the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances. We understand that certain factors can be out of our clients control and charge. With this in mind we will work together to keep all charges and costs at a minimum should a situation arise. If our clients have any reason to expect a delay or cancellation in production prior to the start of their project, MG Pictures, Ltd welcomes this information in establishing a potential solution as early as possible. Rates and cancellation terms can be set up in advance with equipment rental companies and freelance personnel.

(Guidelines are subject change without notice and are meant as a starting point to maintain complete transparency throughout production and avoid any unexpected charges)

1. Cancellation occurring with less than 24 hours, during a normal workweek, considered to be Tuesday through Friday, will be billed at 100% of the quoted rate for that day.
(Reason: At this point in time any necessary equipment has been rented and either picked up or delivered to MG Pictures. These costs are now non-refundable to MG Pictures and the cost must be passed on to the clients. Any freelance personnel hired by MG Pictures would now be out of work for the day and unable to pick up any work therefore being out of the days wages.)

2. Cancellation occurring with less than 48 hours, during a normal workweek, considered to be Tuesday through Friday, will be billed at the total cost for all freelance personnel of the quoted rate for that day. Equipment charges will not be billed.
(Reason: At this point in time there is enough notice to cancel any equipment rentals, pickups and charges. However, freelance personnel may still be unable to pick up work with such a late cancellation.)

3. Cancellation involving a Monday production requires at least 72 hours notice to avoid a 100% charge for that shoot day. Ex) if the production is scheduled to start on a Monday morning then MG Pictures would like be notified by Thursday evening.
Reason: All equipment is picked up or delivered by Friday afternoon and cannot be returned over most weekends. MG Pictures freelance personnel may not be able to pick up any new work for that Monday.