Joel Schwartzberg, Director of Photography, Camera, 
Time-lapse DP

MG Pictures,ltd. West Coast Partner

Joel brings to each project a great passion for the image, and with his disarming humor and sincere compassion, a wonderful ability to connect with the people in front of the lens. His insight and skills started to develop way back when he was twelve-years old, picking up Mom’s old crank-run, Bell & Howell film camera.

Since that time of making his brother and friends act in films, sometimes with fruit, Joel kept at developing his visual aesthetic and passion, propelling him toward journalism, visual storytelling, and a desire to create compelling imagery (this time without fruit). Over the years, others have recognized his abilities, awarding him with a nice number of industry honors, including five regional Emmy Awards, a Bronze Telly, and a Cine Golden Eagle.

From his home base in Southern California, he has traveled extensively around the planet, shooting in sometimes quite arduous conditions, and he hopes to do much more of that. (it doesn’t have to be arduous…he’d welcome a delightful beach cabana if on offer).