Tell The Story…
The following videos are a small sample of some of the work that Mark Gambol has been shooting over the years. All videos feature Mark Gambol as the cinematographer. However, some of the videos do use second and third camera operators, steadicam operators, etc.

Why choose MG Pictures, Ltd and Mark Gambol?

MG Pictures, Mark Gambol, and all of our team pride themselves on being able to handle any situation or story we film. We constantly interact with people from different races, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, education, careers, etc. We can relate with our subjects in so many ways that we know we will make your production comfortable for everyone involved. You don’t have to worry who is showing up to Tell Your Story when you have MG Pictures and Mark Gambol on your production.

Awesome Adventures…

Mark Gambol is currently the director of photography for the syndicated television show Awesome Adventures. Mark was hired three years ago as the full time DP to help bring a consistent look to the show which airs in over 200 markets in the USA and internationally. The crew is small but the adventures are huge! The crew interacts with local teens while filming all sorts of adventures in their hometowns and countries. The sets are relaxed but energetic, adventuresome but safe, and there is always a great story to tell. This show is shot on Panasonic PX-270’s for their small form factor and excellent images.

This marketing campaign for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was designed to reach out to medical professionals and potential patients with special needs throughout Latin America.

Gretsch Trailer – Long version

MG Pictures and Real Arts Media have teamed up once again and are working on a documentary about Gretsch guitars and the crazy Gretsch sound. We are in production now and hope to have more interviews in the near future. It is a passion project for both Paul Shannon and Mark Gambol.

This green screen / animation project was created to help GS1 US explain their mission: helping move products from manufacturer to retailer to consumer more efficiently, effectively and safely. The short video tells their story in very basic terms and is designed in a way that reinforces the organization’s new branding and website. The project was a true collaboration with an excellent team.

Design, Direction and Illustration: Bailey Brand Consulting
Production: Rich Tolsma Productions
Animation: Jeff Brown, Fire Mist Media
DP: Mark Gambol/MG Pictures, Ltd.
LD: JR Campbell/Camera Sublime

Seabrook House ™ Inc., is an internationally recognized private and exclusive drug and alcohol treatment center and detoxification program. They contacted Rich Tolsma Productions and MG Pictures to provide video for their website and outreach meetings.

This program was produced for Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Southeastern PA by Rich Tolsma Productions and MG Pictures. We needed to show prisoners that they can get help for their child while they are incarcerated.
Some of my favorite shots come around the 8:12 mark with Big Brother Akiba…

For fifty years Steininger Behavioral Care Services has been helping the people of Camden County, New Jersey achieve a greater degree of self-reliance, but many local residents are unfamiliar with the agency and their work. This piece is designed to serve as an introduction to Steininger and is used at presentations to businesses, community groups and potential donors.

Production: Rich Tolsma Productions and MG Pictures, Ltd.
DP: Mark Gambol
Camera: Kevin Hackenberg

Part of the seminary’s 150th anniversary program.